All Stellar-X software is free to use. This page will be updated as new software is developed. For support, please contact

Stellar TFTP suite v2.0

A freeware TFTP suite for Windows NT 4.0 or later. Consists of a TFTP service, server, client, and TFTP programming details. Features security options and event logging. Version 2.0 is available since November 2003.

PostList v1.0

A freeware Windows bulk email utility. Allows mailing list maintainers to distribute advertisements, mailouts, memoranda to list members.

Caltool v1.0

A freeware Windows calendar lookup utility. Copies the chosen date to the clipboard.

Lockup95 v1.1

Secures your Windows 95 workstation by activating your screensaver.

System information applet

Reports Windows 95/NT information such as the current user name, computer name, Windows version, and special directories.

Msntauth v2.0.3

A Squid web proxy authentication module. Allows a Unix web proxy to authenticate users with their Windows NT domain credentials. Msntauth is released under GPL, and is distributed with Squid.

HTML - text converters v1.2

Utilities for converting between HTML and text file formats. Binaries are included for many platforms.

Banner/2 v2.0

A port of the UNIX SVR4 banner command. Writes big letters using asterisks. Useful for banners or text headings. Supports European characters. For OS/2 command line, DOS, and Windows 3.x.